You might think that all tree stumps are the same. If so, then you’re greatly mistaken. It’s true though, that tree stumps are unsightly things that protrude on your lawn. It’s something that you need to remove if you want to build a beautiful landscape.

Removing tree stumps is a way to ensure that your lawn is fully available to whatever your plans are. You can build a structure over the spot where a tree used to be if there’s no stump left on the soil. Tree stumps can also attract pests, which is why it’s highly advised that you get rid of them.

The Worst Kind of Tree Stump

Tree stumps come in different types and not a lot of people know about it. Some tree stumps are quite notorious that they develop fungal diseases that may attack other trees and plants nearby. So, if you’re thinking of leaving that tree stump alone, you better think twice.

The worst kind of tree stump is the honey fungus type. The trees that are most susceptible to this issue are cedar, birch, apple, cypress, cherry, eucalyptus, lilac, leylandii, privet, walnut, monkey puzzle, willow, and wellingtonia. The thing about honey fungus is that it’s hard to get rid of. Even if you remove the stump that’s causing the issue, the problem will still remain. Preventing a tree stump from developing this disease is strongly recommended.

Why the Tree Stump Size Matters

The size of the tree will determine the size of the tree stump. If the tree stump on your lawn is small, like if its diameter is less than 5 inches, then it’s possible to just dig it out. Digging a stump will also remove most of its roots, which is ideal. Without the roots, the tree can’t possibly grow new shoots.

But if the tree stump is bigger than that, then you have to call the Carroll tree stump removal expert to help you out. They have the tools and equipment necessary to do a good job of getting rid of that stump, either by digging it out or grinding it. Either way, the stump won’t be a problem for you anymore once they’re done with the job.

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

There are at least two popular ways to remove the stump and these are grinding and removal. Stump grinding requires no excavation like stump removal. It merely chops away the parts that protrude from the soil. Once done, your lawn will be leveled and you can use it for a lot of purposes. In this method though, the root of the tree remains underground. You just have to wait for it to rot before you can build a new structure over it.

Stump removal, on the other hand, pertains to taking out the stump along with the roots. That’s why excavation is necessary. While this seems to be the better option, it will leave your lawn with a gaping hole after the service providers are done. This method is advisable if you’re going to build a structure on the spot where the stump used to be, which means you’ll be digging anyway.